Endless group

ENDLESS stands for EcoNomic moDeLing and Experimental reSearch for food System innovations. ENDLESS is a research group established to facilitate and advance evidence-based research in agricultural and resource economics, as well as for food consumer science, at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. ENDLESS brings together researchers who are interested in quantitative and qualitative research in the agri-food domain, with a particular focus on experimental and behavioral insights generated in lab and field studies. The group is dedicated to foster scientific collaboration with scholars of applied economics, sociology, psychology, ecology, pedology, just to name some. The aim is to improve external and internal validity of agricultural economics, ecological economics, circular economy, and food consumer research and to disseminate evidence-based knowledge among policy makers, industry and relevant stakeholders. Most of ENDLESS research is performed in cooperation with other international or national scholars of diverse research areas, ranging from sensory analysis to social psychology. ENDLESS work has over the recent years had a remarkable impact on both academia and practitioners, generating over 200 scientific publications and more than 2 million Euros of research grants.

Endless main Research Topics

There is no chance for a sustainable world without alternative food chains and innovative food and feed.

No future for business as usual. CBE for accelerating the transition towards a sustainable wellbeing in harmony with nature.

Experimental and behavioral analysis of wine consumer preferences and preference drivers.

Consumers need to be educated about recognizing Extra-Virgin Olive Oil healthy and quality properties in order to match the efforts of producers in delivering higher quality products.

Understanding the perceptions and preferences of consumers towards bitter healthy food represents an opportunity for improving people’s diets.