Roberto Freda 
Roberto Freda (BSc) is research assistant in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), Department of Agricultural Sciences.

Freda has worked primarily on: the analysis of the use of agricultural biomass in relation to agro-energy; drawing up and evaluation of financial statements of some crops from agricultural biomass for growing up on land at high risk of erosion with potential use in an agro-energy industrial chain; analysis of agro-energy crops profitability and their evaluation as a viable choice to the existing land uses; and environmental assessment through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology. He has also participated actively in national and international conferences where he was involved in presenting several scientific works related to the subject of his research.

Freda has been involved in several research projects such as PON and POR projects (EnerbioChem, BioPoliS, BioDegraPack).




Dept. of Agricultural Sciences
Via Università 96 – 80055 Portici, Naples, Italy

Tel. +39 081 2539083

Selected publications

  • Caso, G., Freda, R., & Lerro, M. (2020). How Quality Attributes Contribute to Market Price?. Quality – Access to Success, 21(176), 144-148
  • Caracciolo F., Amani P., Cavallo C., Cembalo L., D’Amico M., Del Giudice T., Freda R., Fritz M., Lombardi P., Mennella L., Panico T., Tosco D., Cicia G. (2018). The environmental benefits of changing logistics structures for fresh vegetables. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 12(4), 233-240. DOI: 1080/15568318.2017.1337834
  • Lombardi P., Dal Bianco A., Freda R., Caracciolo F., Cembalo L. (2016). Development and trade competitiveness of the European wine sector: a gravity analysis of intra-EU flows. Wine Economics and Policy, 5(1), 50-59. DOI: 1016/j.wep.2015.12.002
  • Lerro M., Raimondo M., Freda R. (2016). Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Support: a consumers’ perspective. Quality – Access to Success, 17(S1), 172-180.
  • Freda R., Borrello M., Cembalo L. (2015). Innovation in floriculture when environmental and economics criteria are conflicting. Quality – Access to Success, 16(S1), 110-117.